Desk to Dinner with eBay!

Desk to Dinner: Uptown Professional to Downtown Chic in Five Minutes Flat!

As someone who used to work in an office, I would always struggle with what to wear when I had to dash out the door at the end of the day to meet friends for dinner. I always wanted to feel and look professional during the day, so would opt for classic pencil skirts and button downs, but upon leaving my desk for the day, my office attire would begin to feel a bit uptight for a downtown dinner. So, I started bringing one extra piece of clothing with me when I knew I had plans later on in the evening, such as a cute sleeveless top or a sleek pair of leggings to make my look a bit more relaxed.
I collaborated with eBay to create this virtual outfit inspired by the idea of desk to dinner, which in this case, I based around this pretty and polished pencil skirt. I kept everything else simple and straightforward. This way it makes it super easy to swap out the skirt for a sleek pair of leather leggings (see below). No muss, no fuss! xo
(Click on the titles below to purchase any of the items.)

BlouseYou can never go wrong with a neutral colored blouse. This is a great layering
piece, but can also be worn alone. When paired with the skirt, it blends nicely, but the
contrast becomes more dramatic when worn next to the black leggings.
Clutch: With oxblood being the color of the season, this rich hue goes with anything. In this
case, the bag pops against the bright pink skirt in a playful way, as well as transitions
into a chic accessory with the simple button down and leather leggings.
Skirt: Not only is this color fun and flirty, the pattern makes it unique and perfect for a
work-friendly look. In this case, I paired it with a simple blouse and classic accessories,
but if you are feeling daring, go monochromatic with a burgundy button down and a
bright pair of heels.
Shoe: Every woman needs a great pair of black pumps, but a tri-color heel is a fresh take
on a basic shoe. I like how the gold and black correlate nicely with other pieces in this

Necklace: Instead of opting for a simple gold necklace, the black intertwined with the
metal gives this piece a bit of necessary edge.
Jacket: A trench coat is always a flawless addition to an outfit, but the leather sleeves
and detailing take this jacket to the next level. It will add a touch of luxe to any
Bracelet: This is such a staple piece. This bracelet is perfect for pairing with a ton of
other bangles or you can wear it all by itself in a more elegant way. The pavé gives it a
bit of glam without being overwhelming in style.
Leggings: The same goes with leggings in this case. Basic black leggings are a must-
have, but a black leather version dresses up the outfit immediately while still giving off
an understated, chic vibe.
( This post is part of eBay Finders, a new partnership that presents collections of items curated by a carefully selected group of style setters. Find more inspiration at eBay Fashion. #eBayFinders )


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  • I think these were smart pieces to choose. Not only do they work together for an effortless day to night transition but they would all easily work into an existing wardrobe.

  • I have been doing this desk to dinner switch a lot over the last few weeks! These are some great tips to really rock the transition!