Monthly Round-up!

It’s been about a two months since I’ve been Timex’s Stylewatch ambassador, so I thought I would do a fun round-up of all the amazing watches I’ve worn since the beginning of February. Click here to read more!

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  • THOSE WATCHES ARE FANTASTIC. great post, christine! Can’t wait to see more timex pictures :)
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  • wow thats a potload of awesome i cant wait to see whats next



  • Allie

    All lovely watches – but all round faces, similar sizes! Would love to see some big chunky square ones, delicate oval ones, etc. in the future.

  • Jaeda

    Did u get a new lense!!! These photos are gorgeous!

  • Love these! Thanks for sharing!

  • So many options! And you wear them so well! :)

    I’d love for you to check out my new blog!


  • what a fun project to play around with, i like how you intertwine them with all of your wrist wear!
    in dramatic fashion

  • Time for a new watch! These are really lovely! <3

  • Christine

    Do you have the men or womens sized face for your weekender with the slip-through strap?
    I can’t decide which size to get! My wrists are tiny but I’m definitely a fan of the larger watch faces.