Wrap Up: My DDF Amplifying Elixir

With the colder months soon to be upon us (New York, you need to hurry up and make up your mind because this hot then cold then hot again weather isn’t doing it for me), I started thinking, what better time to start revving up my skincare routine and start in with the heavy duty moisturizing routine, right? Well, contrary to what I thought, thick creams aren’t always the best option when tackling dry skin. When I went in for my amazing facial by DDF the specialist told me that serums are actually better for absorbing into the skin, and help hydrate better especially when the outside winter air becomes dry and unforgiving. This was news to me, so I made sure to keep integrating their new Amplifying Elixir into my beauty regime and I have to say, I definitely noticed a difference.

Soon after I had my facial, I had the chance to chat up DDF Brand Ambassador and E! News Correspondent Giuliana Rancic, who swears by the elixir just as much as I do and uses it as one of her preparation secrets. She is totally obsessed just like me! And for someone who has┬áreally sensitive and dry skin, believe me when I say, I immediately notice when something does or doesn’t work. So all I have to say is the elixir is a game changer. And with that said, bring it on freezing weather and relentless wind chill factor! I know exactly how to beat you this coming winter. :) xoxo



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