RayBan Wayfarers / F21 Top, Shorts, Large Necklace / Emily Elizabeth Groovy Love Necklace” (gift) / Wishbone Necklace (Birthday gift from V)/ Coach Bag and Watch (gift) / Nine West Wedges (gift)


New hair! My lovely stylists at Arrojo layered it up and added in a bit of ombre. I like it best when styled wavy, but didn’t have time to do it up this morning. Will make sure to share soon.




It’s been a very busy week but I was finally able to carve out some time to grab an early dinner in the West Village with Kim and Brian. We had a great time feasting on all sorts of yummy food including fries and one of my favorite dishes, sauteed saucy mushrooms piled on a big piece of toasted french bread! Mmm….

P.S. Very excited about this news: Check out this video collaboration I did with Kenneth Cole and! Can you say remix?!

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