My Paper Doll: Winterizing The Summer Dress


What I’m Wearing: 1. Screaming Mimi’s Thrifted Dress 2. H&M Blouse 3. H&M Necklace 4. Steve Madden “Caryssa” Pumps, Black Tights 5. RayBan Sunglasses /Juicy Leather Jacket (c/o) / Coach Clutch (c/o)

How To Recreate It:

1. I started with my vintage summer dress that I have really only worn when it’s warm outside.

2. I started out by layering with my black and white polka dotted blouse to show how you can mix dark and light palettes together.

3. Next I tied the top at the waist in place of a belt and my favorite statement necklace.

4. I chose solid black tights and suede black pumps to add some contrast to the over-all summery ensemble.

5. The finishing touches? A sleek black leather jacket, classic black RayBans and my favorite tan clutch.

Now I have the perfect outfit mix of light and dark palettes in the middle of a cold, blustery winter. :) xoxo

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  • Estrella

    Thanks for the tips!! I’ve never been able to winterize a summer dress. I’ll give it another try!

  • katty

    love love love the paperdoll!

  • So pretty! I really like the winterized version of this dress–this is giving me lots of inspiration for some of my summery gear.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  • Fabulous winter dress makeover!! I love this post concept…really great way to “hold our hands” and make it easy to do in our own wardrobes! =)

  • I love the “paperdoll” posts! Your layering is perfect and the look came out so cute!

  • Brilliant! I think I will give it a try when the temperature gets a bit milder. It is too cold to wear these ensembles now :-( in my country. But, seriously I have never thought about winterizing my summer dress. Thanks for the lovely article!!

  • I love the way you put this together! Mixing the black and white polks dots with the floral dress is genius!

  • I usually winterize my summer dresses with a cardigan (just yesterday, in fact), but I love that you’ve done a blouse here. I wouldn’t have thought of that, but this is something I definitely want to try. I really love these paperdoll posts – they’re fantastic!!

  • So fun! This is a great tutorial, and such a fun format!

  • I love love love your paper dolls posts. So creative and fabulous!!!

  • i love this dotted blouse on this spotted flower dress. so adorable.
    it’s still so cold in germay. i have to pair my summerdresses with warming long knit cardis and boots to not getting frozen …

  • Love the way you style that dress. Love the paperdolls post.

  • Another great look! I love the mix print to winerize! It looks amazing!

  • These paper doll posts are so cute. Love the tied blouse in place of a belt, you’re sooo smart!

  • Afine tutorial! I go check my closet for a summer dress!

  • Bravo! I love watching the outfit transform. By the 4th photo you can really see it become winterized.

  • Lindsay

    I love this! I am totally going to share this with my friends! (Uh, and do it myself, obviously)

  • Meg

    okay. IN LOVE with this outfit! I will admit I had my doubts at first with the initial images and then with each picture the look unfolded beautifully and THEN the leather jacket!…heaven.

  • Feeling so inspired right now! Great tutorial!

  • Patty

    A light microfiber turtleneck underneath also works.

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  • Agent_Torpor

    The tights and pumps are so boring. How about some patterned tights and some knee high boots instead?

  • Great! I love winterising summer gear. Do you mind if I link to your article in my blog. I am writing a similiar article as I suggest my wares may also be winter-ised:)

  • Hello Christine,
    I have now finished the article on my blog about using your advice on a skirt, and linked to your article. Enjoyed your article very much.

  • Gorgeous! And what fun to watch the transformation.

  • Great transformation!! inspirational!! love it!!