Outfit Remix: The Rebel


RayBan Sunglasses / Charlotte Russe Necklace / Dress (worn as top) ? / Poetrie “The Catriona Skirt” / ModCloth Tights / ¬†Olsenboye Boots (c/0) / Dad’s Leather Jacket






I’m a rebel without a cause, and that’s the truth. But really, I’m a goodie-goodie and always will be. That’s all there is to it, and if you’re reading, A, I hope you still heart me. :)

P.S. This is our 1984 Volvo station wagon that was “my car” that I drove in high school and college, and both my Dad and I have soft spot for it, which is why it’s been resurrected three times…xoxo

P.P.S If you are just catching up now, check out remix one and two!

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  • ola

    love your blog. i’ll be back !

    please visit



  • total catholic school girl gone bad…love it!

  • dude, all these remixes are KILLER!!!!! and i heart u and miss u. kisses!! xo, Kim http://www.eatsleepwear.com

  • Nicole

    The Volvo! Love it :-)

  • 1) LOVE the 90s rehash. Killer.
    2) an ’84 Volvo was also my family/first car (sedan – my parents sold a few years ago, my to my dismay) and I am now desperately trying to find a wagon from that era for my own (mainly four-legged) family. So Major jealousy there!

    Great post (and great remixes – I love a good plaid skirt and that one is great).


  • This second photo of you for some reason reminds me of Dirty Dancing! This has been a fun remix!


  • love this fun rebellious look! and of course, the irony of pairing it with a volvo, safest, longest-lasting car EVER! =] i can totally see why you and your dad would give it so much tlc!

  • Jessica Wilson

    I love this! Its a little sumthin different from you! It’s like Brenda from 90210 going back to kick Kelly’s ass.

  • every element of this outfit is so different, but works. I have the Dolce Vita boots similar to yours – and I transform to a different person every time i wear them ;) This is Definitely a “put in my style file” look!

  • Catherine

    Love this outfit, so rocker!! I haaaaad to comment when I saw your Volvo, I have one too! A white 1987 740 GLE (non-station wagon), my love, with a ton of stickers all over it. :)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Wow you look so bad ass!