hair envy.

(Image from Late Afternoon, via FashionGoneRogue)

I am very envious of this girl’s hair. This is seriously my dream hair, except in dark, dark brown. Thing is, I just never seem to look good when my hair is parted straight down the middle. Does anyone else have this problem?

P.S. I have been reading ’round the web that a few fellow bang-girls are over their fringe, and to be honest, I think I might with them. I’m definitely contemplating going darker, letting my natural wave go full force, and then shoving it all to the side for an 80s side swept style. Thoughts? xoxo

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  • How unfair. Middle parts do not work for me in the slightest!

    Melanie @Unravelled Threads
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  • I’m currently jealous of any girl with long flowing locks, I got mine chopped off a while back and now I regret it.. I like your hair as it is, but I think if you want to change it up a bit growing out your fringe might be a good way to go.

  • Amanda

    I feel like you can totally still get this look with a side part.

  • Jen

    as a girl with pin straight hair and envious of girls with waves, I say that those natural waves go baby! I’m sure you will look amazing. P.S. so jealous of your new wedges, that are phenomenal.

  • That sounds cool! I’m in the process of growing my bangs out. They’re fun but kind of limit how you look. I don’t like to look the same way every day. Plus they’re too much work to maintain and style (and always immediately get blown around as soon as I go outside, haha).

  • ng

    the bangs may be an issue, but this hair is all about the blow-dry. i’ve been getting this look by waiting until it’s nearly dry, then blowing it out in sections with a huge round brush. while each section is still hot and on the brush, start twisting, leaving uneven tendrils all over your head and mist with spray….

    leave it to cool and set while you get dressed, put your face on, etc…. flip the head, toss it all around, a bit of teasing… BLAM.

    i’ve done it for girlfriends, and with a little practice, it looks wicked on all different hair lenghts.

  • hannah

    I have also been covetous of the center-part, as it has traditionally been unflattering on me, but I discovered that if you part it and the twist the sections on each side back and pin with bobby pins, it makes the center part flattering and chic. And it would work with the bangs! But definitely leave your hair wavy, the waves make it super romantic and pretty.