weekend wear part 3: the sunday times, and milk and cookies


Yep, it’s those same jeans again! They were my first pair of Seven jeans, which I think my Mom bought me back in 2002. Wow.

So, this outfit was extremely simple and easy to put together. As you can see, there isn’t too much to it, but there is something I love about it. I just paired an over-sized men’s white button-down with worn-in jeans, a trench and flats. Oh, and a pretty navy scarf to keep me warm, my lovely navy Kristin Hobo, courtesy of Coach, and a brelly to keep the raindrops from falling on my head!




The Sunday Times, a really strong Americano, and amazing company. That’s a pretty fantastic combination, don’t you think?


I’m not really a baker, but I like to do it. It was sort of overcast and rainy on Sunday, and I got the urge, so I made organic chocolate chip cookies, complete with peanut butter and Nutella! The batch made about ten cookies and almost 3/4 of them were gone by the evening. Guess that means I did good!




Look Ma, I baked!



Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  • Haha cute! I love a good disheveled/put together look.

  • You look so effortlessly chic. Wow, those cookies look AWESOME. I’m going to have to try the nutella idea… I’ve never thought of using it in baking.

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  • You look so relaxed and comfy!

  • wow those cookies look gorgeous!!!!

  • Anna

    Can you share your cookie recipe? It looks so delicious!!!

  • oh how i love rainy days. especially ones spent in a coffee shop – reading a book, people watching…if it were a job and i could get paid…i’d do it in a heartbeat! ha

    definitely dig this look. if i have errands to run, i usually gravitate towards this type of outfit. comfort-chic. ;)

  • I just stumbled across your blog thanks to Slaves to fashion and I am a huge fan! Your outfits are so unique and inspiring. I posted about your blog on my blog today so I could share the awesomeness with everyone! Thanks for all the great outfit ideas.

  • still loving those jeans!! You look fabulous.

    xo, Kim http://www.crowded-closet.com

  • Wow those cookies look amazing. I ‘ll take one, or nine.
    Liking the casual look!

  • Mmmm. Cookies.

    LOVE the look here. It’s so simple yet perfect.