How To Wear: Colored Tights…The Bold Way!





More brightness from from the lovely company, We Love Colors. Another big thank you, Heather!

So, if you are new to My Style Pill or this column, “How To Wear,” which is fairly new itself, let me recap a little bit…

I get a lot of questions about how to wear specific items, like scarves, belts etc. and most often, how exactly to wear colored tights. So, I decided to start a little column called “How To Wear” which will be a couple of posts at a time—all about the same type of item—coupled with a little description, along with photos on how I would personally wear it, and my tips on how you can too!

So, without further adieu, I give you…

HOW TO WEAR: Colored Tights…The Bold Way!

What I’m Wearing: We Love Colors Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Solid Color Tights in Pastel Mint

How I’m Wearing Them: In person, these tights are actually a very minty blue, which can be tricky to wear because they are sort of “out there” compared to other color choices people might opt for when choosing colored tights. However, that did not veer me away from trying them out. I decided that, for both outfit versions, because they are so bright and different, I wanted to allow the tights themselves to be the statement piece. Granted, I’m wearing stripes in one outfit and mixed patterns in the other, which both can be categorized as “busy,” but I tried to ground both looks by not varying the rest of the color palette. The “skirt” in the top photos is actually my blue and white striped sundress that I remixed a bunch here! Anyway, even in the outfit where I am mixing patterns, it remains cohesive because it’s still only white and black, letting the eye still go directly to the bright blue tights!

How You Can Do It Too: So, now that we know how to wear bright tights in a monochromatic technique, shown here, it’s time for you to try branching out a bit. :) I totally understand that this look might not be everyone’s style, but what I would like you to take away from this post when wearing a brightly colored tight that is not the usual deep plum, navy or gray, is have fun with them! Make it the showcase item of the outfit. My tip is to put the tights on first and then build the outfit around them. That way you will stick to basic items that won’t overwhelm your final look. Good luck!

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  • Katie J

    Love it! I’ve totally been wanting to try bright tights but wasn’t sure if I was brave enough. I’ll definitely try it now!

  • i LOVE how you are wearing these tights! It’s totally unexpected and works very well.

  • Love these tights! They look gorgeous :)

  • cute look! love bold coloured tights!

  • Fun! The outfits are great!

    I would say, another thing about having this really pale color on your legs: your legs are lengthened in the second pair of shoes moreso than the first. Maybe sticking with shoes that have wider openings when wearing light colored tights is a good guideline for those with less petite stems. Not you, but most folks, like me!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the second outfit. You pull off those tights splendidly! :)

  • Loved everything, esp the first pair of shoes, the hat, and the second skirt. Tim Gunn would approve. :D

  • mar

    absolutely LOVE both outfits =) i might have to try something like this when i move back to a colder climate

  • As a lover of mint pastel I adore your first outfit.
    If you are interested I wrote an illustrated article on what type of tights to choose depending on your outfit and your shape.
    Bisous de Paris!

  • me

    just love those minty blue tights what a great look. I love glossy hose but those I just love think I will get a pair even if I am male those I would wear for sure just not openly cause you know society but men have legs why not wear like my lilac ones here